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321 Sex Chat Review: Is this live sex chat site legit?

321 Sex Chat is one of the most popular adult chat sites for free chat rooms and video chat. The site features sex chats, cam girls, video chats, and more. It's one of the best porn sites out there and the best place to fulfill your sexual desires. In this article we'll review the site, check out what makes it special, and cover its pros and cons.

How does 321 Sex Chat Work?

If you create an account with the site you'll be instantly greeted with dozens of live sex cam girls. 321 Sex Chat is like a huge sex book where you can browse through thousands of pictures and videos of hot pornstars and other sexy people doing all types of stuff.

To start things off, go to this page where you can browse through the categories of sexual content. Some of the more popular categories include gay sex, asian bbw sex, latin sex, ebony sex etc. You can also pick out specific sex categories such as big boobs, solo/masturbation, anal, fetish, and more.

Most of the time you're going to be interested in looking at sex videos, live cams, and more. You can use the search option to find the specific category of content you want to see. Other porn categories include live adult cam models, live bbw sex etc.

Sign Up & First Impressions

When you sign up for an account on 321 Sex Chat, you'll first be asked to create a username, password, and e-mail address. Once you sign up you'll then be taken directly to the "Chat" section. There you can view profiles of sex cam enthusiasts. You'll want to focus on the live video chats that have a webcam at least.

You can select a category to chat with and start chatting immediately. As you type in your chat you'll be sent to a random cam girl for a live cam chat. If you see someone you'd like to chat you can select the girl and start chatting live!

The mobile apps for 321 Sex Chat are great. The design looks and works like the mobile website version. However, unlike some of the desktop apps for sites like Pornhub and PornstarsLikeUs, the mobile apps don't have any video. You can just view live girls and video chats. The video chats have a limit of 10 minutes and there's not a way to watch them in full length on the app.

However, you can check out video previews. You can check out the model's profile, the live sex cam model page, her stats, as well as her video chat, which is displayed on the preview image.

If you want to view a video in full length you have to click on the link on it's "More Info". This will open up the site's video player where you can view the entire video in full length.

You can watch videos of solo sex clips and fetish porn clips in HD. You're going to have a good time just by looking through the images that are displayed.

girl using 321 Sex Chat on her bed

321 Sex Chat Features

As you can see, most of the features listed below are pretty self explanatory. However, there are a handful of features that require a little more explanation.

Join A Porn Chat Room

To join a chatroom you'll need to have a profile. If you're going to log in from the site you won't need to create a profile. However, you'll need to click on your avatar to log in.

Once you log in you'll get a profile that lists your current stats and stats from the past month. You'll also check out your cam girl stats, number of followers, your follower count, and other important stats.

You're going to want to read the comments you get from friends, followers, and people you chat with. You'll even be able to send private messages to people who comment, follow, like, or view your content.

You can find a variety of different rooms to chat with on the site. Some of the more popular categories include adult teen, bbw sex, sex fetish, interracial, gay live sex talk, bdsm, and more. You'll find a nice mix of content on the site.

Each room requires different membership types based on its features. There's a free membership and a premium membership that are required for the site. The more types of content that you want, the more money you'll pay a month. However, your porn star friend can share all their content with you for free.

There is a 30-day trial period where you're not required to pay for the premium membership. For those who have a little free time, they can enjoy all the other features that come with the premium membership.

Private Messaging Other Horny People

You're going to want to chat with someone. The best way to do this is to create a profile. If you want to send private messages to other horny people, you do this by messaging them. You can message people without a profile!

To do that, go to "Send a Message" and put in the person's username as if they were already a member. The message should go directly to them without anyone else seeing it. You're only allowed three messages per day.

To check out the other members, view their profile, and see if they're a new or returning member go to their profile.

Note: The "Send Messages" feature is very buggy on Porn Hub. It requires you to fill out a captcha before you can get access to it. Because porn sites don't tend to have a lot of user reviews for a particular feature, I found it difficult to figure out which one is the real one from Porn Hub.

Interact With Strangers

You can connect with random strangers and chat on 321 SexChat. When you log in, you'll be connected to a list of other people who have joined the site. You can select who you're going to connect with. Most of the time you'll want to select random people. However, if you want to chat with a porn star or cam girl, you can select "Search" instead.

Each room you join on 321SexChat is going to have a "chat now!" button. When you click that button it sends you to another room. This room is a private chat room which means that only the two of you will see each other.

You can start a conversation with anyone just by clicking the button. Once you click it, you're going to see your name pop up at the top of the screen and you're able to type. You can start typing at anytime. Chat room conversations last as long as you want.

Live Cam & Sex Chatting With Real Life Users

You can watch other users performing in various sexy webcam videos. You can stream their webcam videos to your computer, tablet, or phone. You'll be able to view it in all its full screen glory! You can also create your own video clips and watch them as well.

Here you can also find local profiles that list the cities in which you reside and where you want to meet these horny people. If you're able to meet in person and start to talk, you can sign up to the real life chat room!

You'll also be able to view profiles when looking for a horny person to chat with. Simply click on the "Live Sexchat" button in the corner and you'll have access to lots of horny people!

Once you join a cam room you can stream live webcam videos. You can also chat with the webcam girls and the other horny people in the room. You'll be able to see who's in the room behind the screens. You can also interact via live chat.

Adult Chat Room Categories

Erotic Chat Rooms

There are several different adult chat rooms on the site. Some rooms require you to register or login. However, if you want to join adult chat rooms, you just need to click on the category that you want to visit.

One feature that sets 321SexChat rooms apart from other adult chat sites is their chat rooms categories. All of the adult chat sites have categories for general chat rooms or cam rooms. But, those categories are usually related to body parts, sexual positions, fetishes, ethnicity, the color of the room, or something like that.

On 321SexChat you'll instead have categories such as interracial, adult teen, bbw chat, gay dudes, and more. You'll get a nice variety of categories with this dirty talk site.

Fetish Chats & BDSM Room

For some of the kinkier members, there are rooms designed for them! Just look at the categories and find the preferred room for whatever you're into.

Here you'll find fetish and BDSM chat rooms. Some of the more popular fetish rooms for those who are into humiliation and humiliation rooms.

For those who want to have online sex toy chats, you'll also find several BBW sex toy chat rooms.

Cheating Room

Since there are quite a few people who enjoy cheating or wanting to cheat, there is a section of the chat rooms for all of this. This just a room for people in relationships looking for sex chatting with new people. Also under this section are cuckold chat rooms.

Pros of 321 Sex Chat

I think the thing that makes 321SexChat stand out the most is probably its interface. You're more likely to interact with a random person on 321 Sex Chat and it's easier to do that. The site is also free.

The site is pretty easy to navigate. Even those who have never used a webcam chat site before find 321 Sex Chat very user-friendly.

Most sex sites are very hard on the eyes. A lot of the sites look very boring and old. On top of its simple interface, the site is fairly discreet. You don't even have to create a profile in order to see it.

The members are very friendly on 321SexChat. Many of the models have a very polite attitude about the site. The members are also very respectful of the models, and respect their privacy.

The community of horny people on 321SexChat is also very active. People are very friendly and helpful on the site. If you're having a problem with the site, you'll be more than likely to find someone who can help you.

The site is actually very popular among its users. You're going to have a difficult time coming across a few users who don't use the site on a regular basis.

The sex chat rooms are some of the best around. When it comes to interacting with fellow members, the rooms are all very active.


321SexChat is one of the top adult chat sites online. It's a good alternative to other sites like Live Jasmin. It doesn't seem too buggy and it can connect to a variety of platforms.

You get to interact with real-life horny people and check out some of the best live cam girls and porn stars on the internet. In addition, it also comes with some premium features like custom rooms and private messages.

If you enjoy chatting with people about porn and camming, you're going to love 321SexChat. It's one of the best.