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Chat Avenue Review: Is this chat room site legit?

Chat Avenue is one the of oldest sex chat sites. They offer chat rooms, video chat, and more. If you're looking for an adult chat room or cam chat, then this is certainly one of the most popular places to find it, but is is worth your time? In this article we'll review Chat Avenue and let you know if it's worth your time to create a Chat Avenue account.

How does Chat Avenue work?

It's simple on Chat Avenue. The registration process is completely free, and you can quickly access a number of different types of chat rooms on the site. Chat Avenue provides thousands of chat rooms for men and women. If you're someone who doesn't feel like going to a local hotspot where you know most of the people, you can create your own video or webcam chat room on Chat Avenue. From the homepage, you can find categories of chat rooms. You can even search for chat rooms by keyword. This helps you filter out any low quality chat rooms right away, so you're not forced into anything that doesn't align with what it is you're looking for, on Chat Avenue.

Sign Up & First Impressions

You can sign up for Chat Avenue with either an email or password, or sign in with a Facebook account. If you're not sure about joining, you can continue in public rooms as a guest user before you start chatting. Once you sign up, you'll be presented with a variety of categories and rooms, and you can start a public or private chat session.

Chat Avenue has a huge following of people who are on the site and chatting and also watching other people stream their live webcam cam chat room. As part of the Chat Avenue network, you will be sharing a chat room with other users, and will be able to add people as friends within that chat room as well.

You'll then be able to interact with them much the same way you do now on the site. It's a nice way to make new friends and also see what others have to offer. The user interface is very simple. Chat Avenue has a bright, beautiful colors and font and it's easy to navigate.Now let's get on with the rest of the Chat Avenue review.

Chat Avenue Features

As mentioned above, Chat Avenue hosts different types of private or public chat rooms. You can make a video or text chat room, an adult video chat room, and several others. They provide free chat rooms and video chat rooms. Chat Avenue has a massive network. They have over 100,000 active members currently, which makes it one of the biggest sites on the internet for these types of chat rooms. They also allow you to create your own video cam chat rooms.

You can also join rooms at your leisure and use the Chat Avenue search to find what you're after. We'll go into more detail about private video chat in a minute. Chat Avenue also has adult chat rooms which are very popular among men. You can use Chat Avenue to make new friends, or it's a great community to join if you're new to the internet and exploring this type of chat.

two girls using Chat Avenue

Private Chat

Private chat rooms are a bit special to Chat Avenue that I want to point out right away. If you visit Chat Avenue and are interested in being in a private room with someone, whether it be a free chat, video chat, or adult chat room, you can register as a Premium Member for free. As a Premium Member, you will have an Instant Private room where you can send a private message to other people in your chat room immediately.

Now, some people may be worried about a stranger being able to come into their private room on the Chat Avenue website. However, it's not just any room. Chat Avenue Premium members only have access to the Premium Exclusive rooms. These exclusive rooms have additional features not available in other Chat Avenue rooms. This means that active users won't be able to see your picture, only a limited profile of you when you're online, and you can communicate with any Premium Member in that room, which can make for a lot of fun. It's free for Premium Chat Avenue Members.

Adult Chat Rooms

Another great feature on Chat Avenue is you can make your own video room, or join an adult video chat room. Adult chat rooms on Chat Avenue are very popular with men. Men come and chat with others on Chat Avenue for any reason and they love adult sex chat rooms. Adult and sex chat rooms on the site are moderated, though.

There are other chat rooms on the site that are not moderated. However, if the owners of those chat rooms get suspicious, or they find inappropriate chat going on, they'll pull the room and it will be automatically removed from the site. Adult chat rooms on Chat Avenue are quite popular, and other Chat Avenue members even use it as a dating site, sending private messages to meet up with people nearby. There are various chat rooms dedicated to different cities, many with a scheduled chat hour.

Mobile App

Chat Avenue offers an app for iOS and Android devices. This can work for someone who doesn't feel like having their laptop or desktop browser open while they're on a long train journey. I was pleasantly surprised when I had the opportunity to test out the Mobile app. It's easy to set up your browser and your email, and then just get into the Chat Avenue app.

I used it on my iPhone and I had no issue navigating to the sites I was looking for. It was easy and I was pleased with how smooth the app was. If you're going to use this app, make sure to download and sign up with your Chat Avenue account so you can have full access during your chat experience.

Premium Membership Features

Chat Avenue offer several types of membership when they add you to their chat network. They offer membership at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (I am Platinum) levels. The Silver level is free, and you can join for free by being a Premium Member. If you want to use the Instant Private Room feature, you will need to upgrade to a Premium Member. The Platinum Level pays for itself quickly and is a great membership. As mentioned, Chat Avenue offer other membership levels but these are not necessary to join Chat Avenue.

Chat Room Categories

One of the great parts about Chat Avenue online is the ability to browse chat rooms by category. There are a number of different categories of chat rooms. You can filter the chat rooms by whether they are adult or not, which categories you don't care to use, and so much more. The main categories of chat rooms on the site are:

Adult Chat

If you like to video chat it's nice to take things offline as well. When you're online you can visit an adult chat room, or a free chat room with some adult content (videos, pictures). There is also porn chat rooms on the website for more hardcore adult content.

General Chat

If you like free chat, most Chat Avenue chat rooms are free and allow you to see others who are online and chat.

Kids Chat Room

There is are chats room just for kids them on Chat Avenue. They won't be able to access adult content and Chat Avenue support monitors these rooms to keep adult members out and keep children safe. For older children there are also separate teen chat rooms

Sports Chat

One of my favorite things about Chat Avenue is getting on a soccer chat room, or even an American football chat room in the United States. I'm American and I have a passion for sports. It can be hard to have a large chat room for these topics, yet, it's still very popular. For baseball, football, hockey, golf, and so on, there are chat rooms on the website that cater to people who like those particular sports.

Pros of Chat Avenue

Free chat on Chat Avenue. You don't have to pay to chat in a free chat room. While you can make a Chat Avenue video chat room for free, in a few cases, you will receive certain kinds of messages when you chat for free. I wouldn't recommend chat rooms on Chat Avenue as a free chat room as some people get inappropriate or spammy messages that you would never want to see. However, you will see a lot of people chatting on the site, so you should be able to find a good number of people to chat to.

There are plenty of different types of chat rooms on Chat Avenue. You can create free video chat rooms, adult chat rooms, and even your own Chat Avenue video chat room with only a username. This allows you to chat in places that others can't.

Chat Avenue has an extensive network that includes both men and women which are interested in making friends and forming different kinds of relationships.

There are very few private chat rooms on Chat Avenue, but, if you search for them, you will find a list of rooms where people are interested in connecting and chatting.

Chat Avenue is a very pretty website and, although the rooms aren't all that big, they are easy to navigate, so you should be able to chat all you want with a few clicks.

Cons of Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue could use some upgrades. Rooms are a bit too small. Some people may not care about this. It's quite small on smaller computers, however, and it takes a lot of clicking around for a lot of people.

Chat Avenue has a good selection of different rooms, but many of them are adult chat rooms. Chat Avenue doesn't have an official policy on where users should place their rooms, however, most of the rooms are pretty clear that it's only for adults.

In general, Chat Avenue could use an upgrade in their interface. Some of the rooms are a bit too bright when they have darker themes.

This is a safe website. Like any site that allows users to create their own rooms, it's also very simple to create your own room. This allows you to chat with who you want to chat with and doesn't leave your chat logs or information on any of your friends or computers.

Is Chat Avenue safe?

Chat Avenue is a rather private website. It's an adult site, so this isn't much of a shock. However, you are allowed to make and join all the rooms you like, so if you don't trust people you meet online, you can easily block it on Chat Avenue. People who want to flirt online for fun or maybe start a conversation with someone who's new, are looking for a free chat room, and just want to have fun are usually the kind people who use Chat Avenue. As long as you're having a good time and don't share personal information, there is nothing too bad that can happen on the site as long as you respect the room's rules and keep things friendly.

How to get unbanned from Chat Avenue?

If you're sending messages that the chat room moderator sees as inappropriate, such as spam, you will be removed from the chat room immediately and an email notifying you of why you were removed will be sent to you from the chat room owner. Chat Avenue bans users who violate the rules to keep the chat software safe for everyone. You will not be unbanned if you use a proxy, private proxy, or other tool that allows you to hide your IP address from Chat Avenue. You can appeal your ban or simply wait until it's over.


Chat Avenue has a pretty good site, though it could use a redesign of some of the features if they wanted to bring it up to par. I would recommend it for anyone using Chat Avenue, but I would make sure there were very few people using a chat room when I joined in order to avoid any kind of problems with spam, or unwanted messages from other people. The features on this site are good if you're in the older demographics for people, especially if you like to chat with webcam.

I'm so glad to hear that there are so many webcam rooms available on Chat Ave. I think it's great to be able to interact with more than just a single person during a date and I believe that webcam chat rooms are a great way to share stories and experience with other people while having a good time. We hope our Chat Avenue review was helpful!